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Try using g+ + in linux terminal make the object files of each of the source codes and then link the object files and run the executable. Check if AtpReader. o is created in build directory. With just a function prototype, the compiler can continue without error, but the linker cannot resolve a call to. Examining the symbol, it can be broken into two chunkcs: _ _ imp_ : This means _ _ declspec( dllimport). : This is the actual symbol, mangled as a C ( or extern. I' ve searched through over 20 solutions already through Google and I still can' t figure out where the error is in my code, so therefore I' m making this question. Here is the error: Error 2 error LNK1120: 1 unresolved externals. The issue could be that you are including a header file, which brings in some function declarations, but you either:. I just want to point out for my ' unresolved external' problem, it was caused by a datatype defined as macro. C/ C+ + ビルドのリファレンス C/ C+ + ビルド エラー リンカー ツール エラーと警告. リンカー ツール. リンカーは、 リンクするどのファイルからも外部シンボルに対応する定義を 見つけられない場合に、 LNK を生成します。.

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    Symbol unresolved external

    または、 定義を含む. obj ファイル または. lib ファイルをリンカーに渡すこともできます。. Test< T> & tt) { return os; } int main( ) { Test< int> t; cout < < " Test: " < < t < < endl; / / LNK unresolved external }. LNK error upon loading. obj file for OpenGL project. systems\ Project\ OpenGLApplication\ OpenGLApplication. obj OpenGLApplication Error 2 error LNK: unresolved external symbol " float _ _ cdecl glmUnitize( struct. What have you tried? I suspect you just need to include its project as part of your solution. Or possibly just add its. obj file to the linker options.

    Object files ( *. obj ) are created directly from source files ( *. cpp ) by the compiler at compilation time, for each source file in your project. The error you are receiving is not caused by usharedmemory. obj not existing; it ems like you need to make sure the functions are declared properly as C functions: # ifdef _ _ cplusplus extern " C" { # endif int saveLic( char *, struct Auth * ) ; void getSysInfo( struct Auth * ) ; # ifdef _ _ cplusplus } # endif.