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If you don' t know whether the error response has a body or not, a way to go would be to try/ catch. import ' rxjs/ add/ operator/ catch' ; / / don' t forget this, or you' ll get a runtime error this. get( " data- url" ). catch( ( err: HttpErrorResponse) = > { / / simple logging, but you can do a lot more, see below console. error( ' An error occurred: ',. import { Injectable } from import { Headers, Http, ResponseOptions} from import { AuthHttp } from ' angular2- jwt' ; import { MEAT_ API } from '. this catch transforms the error into a null val and then filter doesn' t let falsey values through. This will however, stop the pipeline for. Angular 2 http get inside route guard · 86 · rxjs/ Subject. I think the issue is that you are not throwing the error with an Observable. So, you may just use it like this:. catch( ( error: any) = > Observable. error | | ' Server error' ) ) ;. catch( ), change: return Observable.

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    Angular catch error

    throw( new Error( details) ) ;. to: return Observable. throw( details) ;. import { Injectable} from ' angular2/ core' ; import { Http, Response, Request} from ' angular2/ http' ; import { Observable}. When there is a server error, the body of the Response object I get from the server I' m using ( lite- server). Yes you can handle with the catch operator like this and show alert as you want but firstly you have to import Rxjs for the same like. also you can handel error ( with err block) that is throw by catch block while. get( ' Some Url' ). map( res = > { / / If request fails, throw an Error that will be caught if( res. 1 I was not able to catch the exception using the ( data), ( error) pattern, so I implemented it using. Angular 2 http get inside route guard · 87 · rxjs/ Subject. Whenever you do an HTTP request, there are things that could go wrong. If things go wrong the request will return a response with an error code.

    Based on this error code you for example want to.