403 forbidden error in ajax post call

Are you sure you want jsonp and not json? GET has no request contentType since there is no body content being sent. Also, you have a typo here, but,. Since you' re sending a POST request, the parameters you need to send should not be a part of the URL. Try sending the parameters like: request = $. ajax( { url: urlAction, data: { id: id}, type: " POST", contentType:. I had the same problem, you need to add the CSRF headers into the AJAX POST request. Take a look at Cross Site Request Forgery. I' m not at my development system at the moment so can' t post an example, but using the. 403 error forbidden error, it may occur by when you are trying to such page or URL that is not permitted,. < html> ; < head> ; < title> send an AJAX request< / title> ; < / head> ; < body> ; < h1> jQuery post form data using. ajax( ) method< / h1> ; < div> Fill. By this way your POST request can work, because the POST request is a preflighted- request.

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    Ajax error forbidden

    Most likely, that' s where your Ajax request is being blocked at by the server with a 403 Forbidden error. There' s a few possibilities here. A 403 on shared hosting USUALLY means that there' s a permissions issue on the file you' re trying to contact. Basically, the web server is saying, " No, I' m not going to allow you to access or ing Spring Security with Java configuration, CSRF protection is enabled by default. In this context, if you make an Ajax request to a REST endpoint using POST method, you will get a csrf token missing error. To solve cause you did not post the csrfmiddlewaretoken, so Django forbid you. this document can help you. For security issues cross domain ajax call are not allowed in standard way ( follow this link). If you really want to send a remote Ajax call to the other domain you should do in a different way. take a look at cause you did not post the csrfmiddlewaretoken, so Django forbid you.