Vb runtime error subscript out of range

You could also try commenting out the error handling and then running it to see if you get a line number on the. このエラーを解決するには; 関連項目. 許容範囲外になるために、 配列の添字が正しく ありません。 An array subscript is not valid because it falls outside the allowable range. ディメンションの添字の最小値は常に 0、 および最上位の添字の. The line Set log = Sheets( " Quote Log" ) is being highlighted in yellow and the error is Sheets( " Quote Log" ) = Subscript out of range. Sub Feasibility( ) Dim Feasibility As Workbook Dim FeasibilitySheet, log As Worksheet this episode I show you how to fix Run time error 9 - Subscript out of Range Patreon: patreon. com/ YPN Have questions? Join us on discord: https. You would need to add the following line below before the line that triggered the error. ReDim Preserve units( 0 To x). The new code will look like this. Sub remDupes( ) Dim units( ) As Variant For i = 2 To 37 Dim var As String blem: – runtime error 9, “ subscript out of range” - everywhere! Given: Workbooks MEgdF. In addition, when I open the VB Editor, I see ( Data & Parms) lisrted as Sheet 1. But ( Output) is listed as sheet 2.

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    Runtime subscript range

    Runtime errors occur when files are missing. If you receive a message that says " Run- time error 9: Subscript out of range, " that means Visual Basic is unable to read commands. This error commonly shows up if you attempt to. You receive a " Subscript out of range" error message when you use HPageBreaks or VPageBreaks. Run- time error ' 9' :. You use a Visual Basic for Applications macro in Microsoft Excel similar to the following code:. Subscript out of range" indicates that you' ve tried to access an element from a collection that doesn' t exist. Is there a " Sheet1" in your workbook? If not, you' ll need to change that to the name of the worksheet you want to. If Workbooks( " Company_ List. Sheets( " Sheet1" ).

    UsedRange returns subscript out of range then there is either not a workbook named " Company_ List. xlms" in Workbooks or there is not a sheet named " Sheet1" in that.