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" while calling a Oracle stored procedure from java following i. Hi I am calling a oracle procedure, in which i am sending 200 parameters values, i would like to know what are the values set to each parameter. is there any way. Then it throws an error on the first package procedure call: java. SQLException: ORA- 06550: line 1, column 13: PLS- 00201: identifier ' FAI_ ADMIN_ PKG. CHECK_ USER_ FOLLOWED' must be declared ORA- 06550: line 1,. SQLException: ORA- 06550: line 1, column 429: PLS- 00103: Encountered the symbol " / " The symbol " / " was ignored. This is the below sql String. I got this error after removing ; from END IF- java. The error message says that SCHEMA_ RESTORE. RESTORE cannot be found. There are several possible causes: The package ( and procedure) are in a different schema, e.

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    you compiled it as user A but are trying to erListProvider class produce an error below when using two DataSource in initializeConnection method. USERLIST_ DATAPROV' must be declared ORA- 06550: line 1, column 7: PL/ SQL: Statement ignored at oracle. Possible causes of error are : ( in the snippet - function). The package " types" doesn' t exists. create or replace package types as type cursorType is ref cursor; end; /. 2 Invalid SQL select statement ( Table or column has been. java ORA- 06550 PLS- 00801. i am getting following oracle error ORA- 06550: line 1, column 7 PLS- 00801:. SQLException: Pls Help. Oracle iProcurement - Version 12. 3 and later: Exception Error Occurs During Checkout Process in iProcurement - java.

    SQLException: ORA- 06550 PLS- 00306 UPDATE_ WO. After restoring an Oracle backup the Bizagi application does not start and the Event Viewer displays errors with code ORA- 06550 and PLS- 00905. エラーメッセージ. ORA- 06550: 行< n> 、 列< m> : ORA- 06550: line < n>, column < m>. 基本的なエラーの内容. 通常、 このエラーは別の異なるエラーと共に出力され、 エラーの 原因となる個所を行、 列の値で示します。. View Java questions;. ORA- 06550: line 1, column 7:. ERROR at line 6: ORA- 06550: line 6, column 36: PLS- 00103: Encountered the symbol ". call Oracle stored procedure error java. When I call it I get the error: Message : ORA- 06550:.

    identifier ' P_ USER_ NAME' must be declared. ORA- 06550: e you really running exactly the same Java and PL/ SQL code on two databases ( can you even be sure, given how unreadable your PL/ SQL code is)? FDPSTP failed due to ORA- 06550: line 1, column 7:. Java; JavaScript; PHP;. I am struck with the following error: " " FDPSTP failed due to ORA- 06550: line 1. I want call a procedure from my Java code to delete from database. Below is my Java code and exception String procedureCall = " { call NEW_ PORTING_ PRC. delete_ album_ metadata(? Hi I have problem with calling store procedure. when i am trying to call my procedure from my following java code connection = ConnectionManager. getConnection( dataBaseURL, serverName,. Sometimes I get the following error if I call a procedure from within java, but if I execute it using toad / sqlplus it is working fine.

    ORA: 06550 error. Error : - 18: 58: 50, 281 ERROR [ STDERR] java. SQLException: ORA- 06550: line 1, column 7: PLS- 00306: wrong. to call the procedure with a parameter that is a different type to the one it' s expecting, which is what the error message is. 1) Why do you want to create the procedure inside Java Code? You should create it. 3) The third error is that you are selecting fields from a table, but there are no varibles " INTO" which you are selecting them. I' m getting the below error while calling a stored procedure from Java: " java. SQLException: [ Oracle] [ ODBC] [ Ora] ORA- 06550: line 1, column 7: PLS- 00306: wrong number or types of arguments in cal. Why Calling a packaged Stored Procedure in Oracle results in java. SQLException: ORA- 06550? Why Calling a packaged Stored Procedure. Getting the following error. SQLException: ORA- 06550: line 1,. ORA- 00900 Error Changing Connection.

    throwSqlException( DBError. SYS_ REFCURSOR errors on execution in packages - ORA- 06550, PLS- 00302 Description. it fails with the following errors: ORA- 06550,. I am getting a unique problem very inconsistently, while running an oracle procedure through SQL server job failing with following error message. Error string: ORA- 06550: line 0, column 0: PLS- 00907: cannot load library unit XYZ. SP_ ABC I have checked, the SP_ ABC procedure, it was not in invalid. SQLException: ORA- 06550: line 1, column 13: PLS- 00201: identifier ' OLAPIBOOTSTRAP' must be declared ORA- 06550:. numeric or value error:. Hi, Thanks for ur reply. But, it seems i cant call a function using callable statement.